April’s Journey

April 2019

You would think that it is spring here in New York, but it does not seem to be. We just had another snow storm today. I am so tired of the snow, but I really don’t want the 90-degree weather that the summer months bring either. I have a very fair complexion, so the sun and I do not mix very well. I just hope that it stays in the ’70s, that would be ideal.

Okay, on to the update. I still have not broken through the plateau. I have been monitoring my food more and working out, but the scale is not moving. For now, I will just keep doing what I am doing and, hopefully, eventually, it will break. I have been experimenting on taking stuff away and adding in different things just to see if there is any effect at all. Such as cutting down on the amount of stevia I add to my coffee or cutting back on cream, etc. So we will see if this will have any effect and break this plateau.

I still feel good and much better than I did a year ago. I am trying not to focus on the weight as much and just try to be happy that I was able to find this way of eating and make this lifestyle change. Our diet before changing to the keto diet was AWFUL! We told ourselves that we weren’t eating too bad because we would include veggies, fruit, and whole grain bread. Really though, our diet was just not good at all, a lot of processed junk and quick easy meals with loads of carbs.

We are eating better then we have in our whole lives and I am so glad that we are doing so well on it. I was told recently that I should not be on this diet for more than a couple months and that it was just a tool to lose a few pounds for a wedding or some other event. This is so not true, there are people, including myself and my husband, that have been eating this way for years. We have been on keto for two years this month. We do not plan on changing this any time soon or at all.

Don’t go by what your family or friends say, go by how you feel. I am, of course, not a doctor so you should try to find a doctor that knows about and supports keto if that is what you are going to do. There are doctors out there that do advocate keto with more popping up every day. I am hoping in ten years this will be the standard way of eating to fight disease and health problems. We can only hope.😁

Quote Of The Month:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
-Mahatma Gandhi


Michael’s Journey

March has been a good month for workouts. I have returned to martial arts, cardio/aerobics, strength training, and core work in the afternoons. For the most part, I have been doing 40 to 60-minute sessions two to four days a week. In addition to that, I still do my daily yoga and tai chi sessions in the morning, which takes about an hour.


How to Make Keto Fries
How to Make Keto Fries

Average regular workout routine:

-Cardio/Aerobics (15-20 minutes) [each day]

-Core Work (5-10 minutes) [each day]

-Martial Arts Training (20-30 minutes)


-Strength Training (20-30 minutes)


Equipment/resources used:


-Aerofit Glider

-NordicTrack ab ball

-Free Weights

-“Fighter’s Codex” from www.Darebee.com

Supplements I take on workout days:

-Omega-3 Fish Oil


-Ginkgo Biloba


-Protein Powder


Although my workouts have been great, in the past month I have gained 10 pounds over my ideal weight. I am not exactly sure what happened, but as of this writing, I now weigh 185 pounds. This may have something to do with the increase in exercise, however, I am pretty sure my food intake needs tweaking. A little disappointed, but I know I will get back on track. I think I am going to have to start tracking macros again to find out exactly where I went wrong.

 Quote Of The Month:

“In fitness, there are no shortcuts. It involves immense discipline and hard work.”

-Mahesh Babu