April’s Keto Journey

May 1, 2018

April Before and After

Low carb/keto is not a new thing, however, I did not know anything about keto until just before we started on it. I actually went low carb years ago and could not do it and ended up getting very sick on it. I figured that if anything could make you this sick than it just can’t be good for you, so I went off of it.

Of course, I now know that it was just the keto flu and had I stuck to it I would have come out the other side. I have struggled with my weight for years, even as a teenager. Losing 85 pounds when I was 17 years old, going down to 140 pounds and was able to maintain that weight until I got pregnant with my first son at age 21.

I only went up by 20 pounds, the rest of the weight gain was from getting endometriosis and PCOS two years after my first son was born. I was in pain all the time. Over the next 17 years, I would have three surgeries to try and control the endometriosis and PCOS. I also had a very hard time getting pregnant for my second son. I did finally have another child after 2 years of trying and taking Metformin to control the insulin resistance that comes with PCOS (I am not diabetic but this helped with the insulin and with the pain strangely enough) and Clomid (this is an infertility drug). It did finally work and I was able to get pregnant with my second son, then eventually I had a hysterectomy.

I ended up on countless medications to control the pain just so I could work and take care of my family. After my hysterectomy, I was finally able to get off all the medications. I, unfortunately, gained more weight as a result of that.

I really wanted to lose weight, yet everything my husband and I tried would end up with us giving in, going back to the way we were eating before. We tried to at least eat “healthy” or what we were told for years was healthy: low fat, whole grains, etc. Although we actually did eat a lot of things with sugar too. We just could not lose weight.

One day I was searching the internet and typed in “gastric bypass results without surgery” and LCHF came up. I was like, “What is that?” After looking into it further this whole new world of low carb keto eating was opened up in front of me. I was hooked and read everything I could get my hands on.

What? I can eat: cheese, butter, BACON and still lose weight?! This can’t be. It has to be a scam or something right? I watched a ton of youtube videos and read a lot of articles with people doing just that, losing weight by cutting out the carbs.

So, I told Michael about what I had found and told him that he can eat cheese on this (I had been harping on him about cheese because I thought that it was so unhealthy for him and he loves his cheese). He was like, “Let’s do this!” The rest is history.

We love this WOE (way of eating) and would not go back. We find this to be the easiest WOE that we have ever done. Well, after the first few weeks that is. We feel healthier than we ever have and I still continue to lose weight. Michael is at his goal weight and is now trying to gain muscle.

I love creating our own recipes and sharing them with you. It makes it a lot easier to stay with this plan because you can have just about everything that you did before just in another way. I found the other ways we tried to lose weight to be so restrictive. That is exactly why they were so hard to stick to. Also, the cravings went away pretty quickly, at least with us. So, if you are not craving it, then it makes it so much easier to stay on whatever WOE you are on.

I have now lost 75 pounds in a year and I still have more to go, however, I am now sure that I will eventually reach my goal weight. I will also say that before keto, on other diets we have done, I had a really hard time losing any weight. This is because I am insulin resistant and with the PCOS it made it impossible to lose any weight.

I am not saying that that keto is for everyone because some people probably would have a hard time with it or may have health problems that would prevent them from doing it. However, I think that most people should at least give it a try.  Give it two weeks and see how you feel. This WOE is said to cure: high blood pressure, diabetes, and a host of other diseases and ailments.

I can say that this is the healthiest my husband and I have felt for a very long time. We highly recommend that you do some research before trying it though. I researched for a whole month before we started, just to make sure we should actually attempt it. We are not doctors or nutritionists, I am just a person sharing my experience and recipes with the world. You should consult a doctor before starting any new diet or WOE.