April’s Journey

December 2018

Winter is coming (yes, that was a Stark reference 😀) and with it all the comforting foods that we all love. You can still have most of the foods that you want, just in a different way, but they are just as yummy. With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, I look forward to Christmas and New Year’s. I have been busy developing recipes for Christmas and winter.

I love the month of December because of all the holiday lights and music. The houses are all lit up with lights and decorations everywhere you go. I decorate my house as well. I have a Santa Claus collection that I just love.

So, on to the update…

As in the past months, there is really not much to tell as I am still in a stall. I did have a bit of extra carbs at Thanksgiving that I planned on having so there is no guilt here. I just got right back to my normal keto diet.

I have been so busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas plans that I have not been able to really focus on tracking. I am also so tired from all the extra work that I have not been able to exercise as I would like. I hope to be able to get back to tracking and exercising after the holidays are over.

I am staying keto though, however, I will have extra on Christmas and that is okay. There were only a few times that I had extra carbs in over a year and a half on keto. I think that a bit extra on the holidays is perfectly all right.

If you have extra on special occasions just make sure you get back on track right after. Be conscious of what you are doing and don’t make it an all the time thing that will derail your efforts to get healthy. It is really easy to keep eating carbs after you let yourself have extra carbs. Just remember that you want to stay healthy so don’t allow it to get out of control. That being said, I hope everyone has a great holiday season and I will see everyone in the new year. Happy Holidays!!!!

Quote Of The Month:

“This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!”
-D.M. Dellinger



Michael’s Journey

December 2018

Every year around the holidays I tend to slack off from my normal routine. Whenever I am feeling just “blah” about doing something I end up procrastinating and sometimes it takes quite some time for me to get around to it. Like most people, I need a little motivating.


When I was a kid all it would usually take is some influential movie to get me pumped up and into action (i.e. Rocky or The Karate Kid). In my teens this carried over into music and that was always a huge influential tool to get me going. As an adult my motivational sources have come mainly from books, meditation, and quotes (although music and movies are still heavily in the mix). This month I would like to share my top five favorite motivational quotes:



“Collaborate with the cosmos instead of dictating to the world. You’re stronger when you stand in your own power and dance with what’s around you.”

-Danielle LaPorte



“Do it now! You will never be ready for something if you just keep preparing for it. Figure it out as you go along and just jump in.”

-Ashley O’Neill



“Do more of what charges you and lights you up. Do less of what drains you.”

-Scott James



“There is a horror in words that are not translated into deeds, of speech that does not result in action. I believe in realizable ideals and in realizing them, in preaching what can be practiced and then in practicing it.”

-Theodore Roosevelt



“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

-Benjamin Franklin