April’s Journey

January 2019

We have entered a new year and with any new year, it is full of all kinds of possibilities. Sorry, this post is late, I usually try to get the update blogs out around the first of the month. However, this month everyone in my house had the flu for the New Year’s holiday, including myself. I am still kind of getting over it, but I did want to get this blog post up for this month.

There is not much to report for this month being that last month was all about the holidays and it is hard to get things done around the holidays, at least for me, because I am always so busy. I am, however, looking forward to the New Year and starting to get back on track with my exercise and tracking.

I wanted to touch a bit on New Year’s resolutions and how this can sometimes set people up to fail. We put so much pressure on ourselves to make New Year’s resolutions that most of the time we don’t stick with them. It is always a good thing to try to improve yourself, but try to do just that, improve yourself without the pressure of a New Year’s resolution looming over your head.

When I started the keto diet it was April 2017, I didn’t need to wait until a brand new year to improve myself. We should always be improving, striving to be the best version of ourselves that we can. So, as we go into 2019 don’t do a resolution, just do an everyday improvement. Happy New Year!!!

Quote Of The Month:

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows”
-Ralph Marston



Michael’s Journey

Top 5 Favorite Keto Websites


If you are looking for more information about keto and the keto diet, look no further. Here I have compiled my favorite keto resources available on the internet besides ours that is. 😉


#1 – Diet Doctor (www.dietdoctor.com)

This is the number one keto website out there in my opinion. This is where I first heard about it and devoured all the information available, of which there is plenty. There are meal plans, recipes, guides, and printouts to help you learn more about the low-carb lifestyle. Highly recommended.


#2 – ruled.me (www.ruled.me)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the ketogenic lifestyle is here. Extremely comprehensive. Extremely informative. They really know their stuff here. Do not miss this one.


#3 – Tasteaholics (www.tasteaholics.com)

This website serves up really good information about keto diet basics. It also provides useful tools. Also like Diet Doctor, it provides meal plans, recipes, and guides. So there is no shortage of good stuff on this site.


#4 – Ketovale (www.ketovale.com)

Tons of advice about keto diet here. From their menu bar: “Keto Diet 101”, “Keto Recipes”, “Tips & Advice”, “Supplements”, and “Success Stories”. There is a lot to digest with this one.


#5 – Keto Connect (www.ketoconnect.net)

This one is April’s personal favorite. She particularly enjoys their YouTube posts and Podcasts… They are personable and entertaining.


There you have it. My top five picks for the best in keto resources the web has to offer. I hope you find them as useful as our site: Certainly Keto (www.certainlyketo.com). Let us know your favorites.

Quote Of The Month:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

-Benjamin Franklin