April’s Journey

November 2018

We are now going into all the holiday months and I am so excited to develop new recipes for them. It will be really great to see all my family for the holidays. We don’t get together very often because everyone is always so busy. At least for the holidays, we take time to spend together.

We did have something very sad happen last month. If you follow us you probably already know that our beloved dog, Lexus, passed last month. She was with us for fourteen years from the time she was a pup. She was such a great dog and is missed very much. RIP my little doggie.lexus

There is really not much of a change from last months update. I have been trying to track more, but I have not been working out like I should. I have plateaued for 6 months now. Even though that can be very frustrating at times, I certainly am not going to stop doing what I am doing. I know that this is the right thing for my health and my body. If I continue to eat healthy and clean that it will straighten out my body eventually.

I put my body through hell eating garbage foods for so long and having to take prescription medication for my endometriosis (that I no longer have to take because the pain is now gone). So, it is going to take time for my body to heal itself, but I certainly have confidence that it will.

If you are getting frustrated that the pounds are not coming off quick enough, just remember that you did not gain this weight overnight, so it will not come off overnight either. Allow your body to heal and it will naturally lose the weight, just from it regulating itself. Not that you can’t try tweaking your diet by doing IF (intermittent fasting) or cutting out dairy and artificial sweeteners to see how you feel. We are all different so something that helps or works for one person might not work for someone else.

As we go into the holiday months try to keep a clean diet. If you do happen to go over your carb amounts for a day, don’t beat yourself up about it, just get back on track the next day. Yes, you will probably feel some effects from having more carbs, but you don’t have to do anything to get back into ketosis besides just eating your regular keto diet.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. 😉

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

-William Arthur Ward


Michael and Lexus


Michael’s Journey

November 2018

With the recent passing of our dog, Lexus, we have all been having difficulty coping. She was a really great little doggie and I have a lot of fond memories of her. In addition, these recollections of Lexus have brought forth remembrances of my grandparents as well, who both passed some time ago. They were great people who have helped me out tremendously throughout my life.


With Thanksgiving coming up I would like to dedicate this blog post to my grandfather, who has helped me so much in my life. I wrote him a letter for Father’s Day two years before he died that expressed how I felt. He framed it, displayed it on his dining room wall, and told me it was his most valuable possession. I am sharing that letter here as an open letter of gratitude:




You were the dominant male role model in my life and I always looked up to you. You were always the strong, powerful, working man who was not afraid to let his guard down to play with, humor, or teach his grandchildren. I have fond memories of you working in the vegetable garden, your “man-cave” in the basement, your rock and flower gardens, and even the power-image that you exuded as store manager.


I am thankful for the discipline you occasionally doled-out, knowing now that had you not reprimanded me for certain things, I would not have learned so effectively from those mistakes. You were always looking to provide me with a teachable moment and help me learn through experience. Though I did not show it back then, I really did enjoy all the out-of-state vacations you took me on. I got a chance to experience a quarter of the country.


I also appreciate the financial knowledge you had always tried to impart on me, the lessons in gardening, home maintenance, in knowing my whereabouts and directions, the importance of an education, and vehicle maintenance. Even though I did not retain it all, because as a child I did not see the point of it back then, yet I realize just how important it all is now.


You were always a pillar of strength and my moral compass. I do not know where I would be right now if it were not for you. Not only am I a better man because of you, I am a better father as well. Thank you for always being there when I needed you. Thank you for being my father. I love you, Grandpa.


Quote Of The Month:

“Sometimes we spend more efforts with people that are strangers in terms of making an impression than the person that’s closest to us. You’ve just got to remember not to take for granted that person that’s closest to you.”

-Michael Douglas